Chapter 1: Fortunate Sons Edit

I got out of the M54 with 15 other soldiers. This was my 4th tour in 'Nam and this is my first year as an NCO. The base was beatiful in a third world country kind of way. From where the base was set up we were watching over two villages and on a clear day like this the place is just amazing, in each village you could kind of say there was a mini-base, and theres not alot of foilage for Charlie to hang around in so thats good. The villagers are real nice too, they arn't the kind where kids throw grenades at you right once you turn your back. They're the one that actually help get rid of Charlie. When I reached the barracks 5 Huey gunships were taking off and Surfin' Bird playing in the background somewhere, that song always made me atleast chucke. After 5 seconds of just staring at the scenery I started moving again when I rememberd that story I heard on my first tour. Im new to this base so I had to ask around for my barracks. Somone finally told the truth and I found my barracks and squad. It turns out my leave was cut short since 5 NCO's died in a ambush. So they reassigned me to the Ranger Company no one ever tells anybody why it got the nickname "Bastard Company" so I just guess its because its Bravo Company.

I walked into the barrack to see 7 other soldiers in it. One of the soldiers closed his booh and asked if he was one of the new NCOs. Before I could aswer a announcment came over the intercom "All members on B Company with 3 or more years left in the service come to the briefing room".