Once in a lifetime brothers from different sides ever wonder what it was like to talk to another sniper, well here's a short conversation about these two snipers.

Russian Sniper: "a little more, little more"

US Sniper: "how about a little teabag"

Russian Sniper:" what the fuck are you doing?

US Sniper: " your mom that's who I'm doing"

Russian Sniper:" NYET! Can get off the support beam so I can aim"

US Sniper: "hahaha you can't shoot me fag what's wrong are you blind"

Russian Sniper: " is this how you American snipers behave like this, being nothing but sad heap of trash running about in battle"

US Sniper: " not really they call me Ty, Ty the tea bagging sniper"

Russian Sniper: (oh my fucking god he's a dumass)

US Sniper: "get your hands up are you ready to are you ready to KICK ASS!!"

Russian Sniper:" turn that fucking shit off American, I'm trying to pull off a head shot here.... Fuck this (commits suicide)

US Sniper: " aww shit he died I wanted his dog tags...(jumps off crane) ffffffffffffuuuuuuuuuucccccccckkkkkk!!! (dead)

The end