Simo Häyhä

December 17, 1905
Rautjärvi, Finland


The White Death


Battlefield II


Corporal (to 1940)
Lieutenant (after 1940)


Finnish Army


Suomi KP/-31
and any other weapon picked up in campaign

First Appearance

Reconaissance By Fire

Last Appearance

The Showdown


Deceased (2002)

Simo Häyhä is a historical character featured in Battlefield II. He was a Finnish sharpshooter, the White Guard member, Winter War veteran and the most effective sniper in history, with at least 505 confirmed kills.


Simo Häyhä was born on December 17, 1905 in Rautjärvi (modern-day South Finland), near the Russian border. In his early life he was a farmer, hunter and excellent skier. He also was good at shooting, hence a lot of rewards from the shooting competitions. In 1925 he joined the voluntary militia White Guard. In 1939-1940 he fought in the Winter War, especially in the battle of Kollaa, when he achieved his score of 505 kills. Simo was expert of camouflage and sharpshooting, hence the White Death nickname, given to him by Soviet Soldiers. On March 7, 1940 he was seriously wounded by a Soviet soldier, who shot Simo with an explosive cartidge that blew off Häyhä's left cheek. Simo managed to kill the Russian, but soon he got unconcious and taken from battlefield by Finnish soldiers. He woke up some time later in the hospital, in the armistice day. He was promited to Lieutenant for his service. He died in 2002 in the veteran's hospital.

Battlefield IIEdit

Simo Häyhä is a playable character and a main protagonist of The White Death war story. Player controls the sniper, fighting near the Kollaa river with Soviet forces. Simo is always armed by default with Mosin rifle with iron sight (for long range combat) and Suomi submachine gun (for close quarters), but these weapons can be swapped for gameplay purposes. Häyhä is also equipped with skis, allowing player to fastly change his position. [TBC]