Petronas Towers

Battlefield: America Under Siege

Part of the

Global War of 2020


United States Marine Corps vs. Korean People's Army Ground Force




Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


Multiple floors


Close Quarters


Nintendo 3DS
PlayStation 3
Xbox 360
Wii U

The Petronas Towers (Malay: Menara Petronas) is a map featured in Battlefield: America Under Siege: Close Enemies expansion pack. The Petronas Towers are two of the eight skyscrapers of the nine maps in Battlefield: America Under Siege: Close Enemies.


Initial deploymentEdit

The map begins with the North Koreans on the base of Tower 1 (west tower), and the Americans on the base of Tower 2 (east tower). In other words, the battle would begin in an almost instant.

Conquest DominationEdit

Flag AEdit

"Lobby" — This flag is located forty floors directly below Flag B, which can be won by either team in the beginning of the round, depending on each of the players' actions. Whichever team's flags are hanging in the lobby can drastically determine the winning team since the next closest and undefended flag is forty floors away.

Flag BEdit

"Sky bridge" — Flag B is located between the 41st and the 42nd floors of the two towers. This is usually the second flag to be conquered in the game. Players are supposed to be cautious about how to get to the flag since there are glass windows, which could send a player's character falling to his death. Like Taipei 101, parachutes can not be deployed in the Petronas Towers map.

Flags C and DEdit

"Tower 2 Spire" — Most of the time, Flag C is in the Americans' favor, since the Americans are deployed at the base of Tower 2.

"Tower 1 Spire" — Opposite to Flag C, Flag D is in the North Koreans' favor, since the North Koreans are deployed at the base of Tower 1.

Flags C and D are the toughest flags to capture since heavy winds may send players' characters' flying away, causing the characters to die. As a result, the recon class is somewhat a useless class for the Petronas Towers map. Also, there is no area in the map that would show a considerable distance from enemies.


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