Otto von Metternich

May 8, 1881
Vienna, Austria-Hungary


Battlefield II




Waffen SS


Luger P08
StG 44

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The Reichstag



Obersturmbahnführer Baron Otto Ulbricht von Metternich is the Austrian character featured in Battlefield II, appearing in multiple war stories and being the main antagonist in Downfall war story.


Otto von Metternich was born in 1881 in Vienna. He served in Austro-Hungarian army from 1900 to 1917. In 1918 he took part in German Civil War, when he first encountered Nazi ideology. In the next years he met another Nazi movement leaders, including Hitler, and decided to join them. After NSDAP became the main party in Germany, Metternich became an officer of newly-formed SS. He led his unit during Long Knives Night in 1936 and Crystal Night in 1938, when he took part in "clearing" the Nazi party and riots against German Jews. Due to Metternich's brutality and fanatism, he was promoted to Oberst rank and became one of NSDAP's most trusted men of wet work. He became infamous in Germany because of his antisemitism and antislavism (even some German soldiers didn't like him, calling Otto "sick sadist").

Battlefield IIEdit

Metternich is first seen in Westerplatte, when he stands on the deck of Schleswig-Holstein battleship along other high-ranking officers. He's mentioned by one of officers, who says that Oberst Metternich's units will take care of removing any resistance among Poles after we conquer this land.. Otto then answers that No filthy Polack will try to raise his hand against Reich!, showing his antislavism and hate against Polish people, which disgust one of officers.

He plays much bigger role in Warsaw Uprising war story. After Polish resistance conquer several districts and eliminate the local garrison commander, general Bach-Zelewski requests SS for support. Waffen SS then sends its one of the most effective unit, led by Metternich, that brutally supresses the uprising, destroys the city and murders Warsaw citizens. In the final level (Mass Destruction), during the first cutscene, Polish survivors watch Metternich shooting and hanging resistance members and innocent Jews. [TBC]

Otto von Metternich makes his final appearance in The Reichstag, where his units is ordered to defend the German parliament from incoming Soviets. When Ivan Mayakovsky's team comes to the building, angry Metternich blames his soldiers for bad shooting, takes StG 44 from one of his SS-manns and kills several Soviets, including Sasha Belikov. After Ivan and Sergey Voronin reach the Reichstag roof and Voronin tries to place the flag, he gets shot by Metternich. Ivan takes cover and participates in duel against Reichstag's final defender. During the showdown Otto von Metternich gets killed by Ivan's pistol or shovel, ending the life of Nazi fanatic.