Operation Luna was an Operation comenced at the Caspian Border


After the USMC Pushed the RU army out of the Capian border. RU general Vlados Marovic decided a large Spetsnaz team designated Zhoya and Tlyanya. would paradrop with VDV troops under nightfall. there objective: destroy US anti-aircraft equipment and disable the US armored division there. The USMC left a 500 man garison, suported by 2 F-18 squadrons and an armored division of ten M1A2 Abrams,6 LAV-25, four LAV-ADs and multiple SAM sights. The Russian general was given four squadrons of SU-25/SU-35BM's and 17 BMD-3 and 400 VDV troops. However the general was given only 10 days to push out the USMC troops stationed there.


The day before the VDV were suposed to drop. the Spetsnaz group Zhoya was assighned to jam a tower at the Secondary checkpoint and secure an Airport noth of a Gas station. Tlanya job was to Secure a Radio Tower that was west of the checkpoint and Sabotage US tank division west of the main border.

  • Zhoya: Completed there mission they anilated marines at the Airfield and the Radio tower. SU-35 and SU-25 landed at 1 PM, and a Jammer that made US radios fried.
  • Tlanya. while having trouble with info succesfull sabotage and planted C4 within the US MBT's. after that found the radio station and radio in HQ to the sucess.

The BattleEdit

Comrades, today we retake the Border.-

general Vlados.

At 7:00 AM a large explosion was heard at the Firebase, within minutes AN-224 where seen para-droping 400 troops with BMD-3 and SU-25's were spotted over the horrizon. The colonel while radioing Reinforcements was lost. within 3 Days the Caspian border was within RU control and an RU airbase was founded after 6 months of relentless attacks by the USMC. The Global War of 2014 was over.