This is the story of a idiot that somehow has control over others, a loser with a chimo mustache, a FNG, and a kiss up from New Mexico and there actions in the defense of Alaska known as Operation Backyard Brawl.

Chapter 1:Prolouge-Private Thomas CarverEdit

It was another boring day at Fort Stewart for me. Seargents running left and right telling us to get our hands out are pockets, FNGs getting the unts beat out of them, and me hiding in a Taco Bell to avoid said beating. Then an announcement came "All soldiers of the 3rd Infantry come to HQ now for briefing". I opend the door and suddenly all I saw was a fist fly towards me. "You heard the announcement boy haul ass get to HQ" the Corporal said. I got up and went to HQ. The briefing was just as fast as it was announced. He told us that Russians were setting up for an airborne assault on Alaska and that the outcome will change the war. So we were absorbed into Task Force Eskimo and we were gonna be shipped out in 3 days. This seems pretty heavy so I should be ready for anything...

Chapter 2:On The Road Again-Private First Class Aberaham WilliamEdit