It is December of 2014 and after the USMC's Operation Armored Kill failed at the Battle of Kazan, the Army was taksed with reinforcing USMC Taskforce Belleau. And taking down Russia. The story revolves around Berserker 2-3 a M1A3 Abrams in the 1st Armored Divison, Blacksmith 1-7 a Engineer team in the 4th Engineer Battalion,Yankee 4-2 a infantry Squad from the 7th Infantry Division, and Panther 14 a Blackhawk from the 101st Airborne.


Berserker 2-3Edit

Blacksmith 1-7Edit

Yankee 4-2Edit

  • Sergeant Jarvis Henry
  • Corporal Ed Wellington
  • Specalist Steve Wilds
  • PFC Donny Parker
  • Private Danny Smith
  • Private Bill Long
  • Private Trent Harris
  • Private Henry King

Panther 14Edit

  • Capatin Dave McKings
  • 2nd Liutenant Alexandra Queens
  • Sergeant First Class Ashley Lowe
  • Specalist Tyson Salems

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