Authors note: I am in no way a good writer this was just for fun and for people to tell me how to improve. And this is not meant to be Accuarate. Please give me tips and i may continue this.

Chapter 1Edit

Skies over Zeinbrad 24:00 January 1st.

It has a cold day expected from winter. White snow was on the ground and most of the villages and towns on the border had there lights off to avoid Bombings. Then planes looks like An-124s and AA fire  filled the sky.What looked like parachutes started to appeare.


Private Igor opened his Parachute about 40,000 feet above the ground. He cruised down until he hit a tree entangling him. “Dammit” Igor cursed as he got out his knife to cut himself loose. He heard footsteps then saw two Zeinbrad soldiers walking past him talking. “So the Russians are dropping troops and bombs” One of them said “Yeah but we can take them right Koko?” The other replied. They laughed then one of them looked up and noticed Igor. He was about to raise his AR-95 a bullpup assault rifle standard issue of the Zeinbrad armed forces, when a shot range out and his comrade gripped his throat.

The man fell on his knees then collapsed to the ground then another shot range out this time hitting the Zeinbrad soldier in the forehead. Igor finally cut him self loose his ak-74u, which was not replaced by the Ak-12 for paratrooper use fell with him. A man in VDV camo came out of the brushes “Hello Igor” The man said. Igor picked up his Ak-74u before speaking  “Hello Sergei, Where’s the rest of the guys?” Igor asked  “There scouting a Zeinbrad radio tower c’mon lets go help them” Sergei said. They moved toward the VDV soldiers position.