Intelligent Munitions System

The I.M.S and it's munition.

Intelligent Munitions System (or IMS) was a smart system being developed by General Dynamics (likely General Dynamics Ordnance and Tactical Systems) and the US ArmyTACOM-ARDEC Picatinny Centre.

The IMS was to have allowed for controlled and safe use of munitions in the battle field and prevent unwanted munitions from being buried and forgotten. It would have been able to tell the difference between friend and foe. The IMS has made an appearance in Modern Warfare 3 as a pointstreak.


A fan fiction weapon idea from Brambles2006 to be included in a future Battlefield game or added to DICE's newest game Battlefield 3 in the form of DLC. If added to BF3 it would be a Gadget 1 slot equipment issued to the support class to replace Claymores or C4. The function of this weapon would be anti-armor and anti-personnel, to use this the player would place it down like a claymore (preferably hidden from view i.e a bush) and would be set off by a vehicle coming into close proximity with the I.M.S. After triggering the I.M.S it would dispense a cluster munition into the air which would quickly find the target, detonate and send explosive munitions onto the vehicle disabling it. The most damage the I.M.S would do is disable a vehicle however via the same remote you would use to control the MAV or SOFLAM u can switch it between anti-vehicle and anti-personnel modes. If an enemy soldier sets it off it (they would have to be caught in front of one of the four grenade launchers) will dispense a grenade that will explode on impact with the enemy.

thumb|319px|left|The I.M.S on Future Weapons