Invasion of the Guam
Teams United States Marine Corps vs. Guam Insurgein
Date December 8th 2019 - May 8th 2021
Location Guam
Combat Medium range
Singleplayer No
Platform(s) PC
Light vehicle(s) Desert Patrol Vehicle
Main battle tank(s) M1 Abrams or M48 Patton
Armored personnel carrier(s) L-ATV or HMMWV
Fixed-wing aircraft
  • F-18 Hornet or F-16 Fighting Falcon
    • Harrier II or A-10 Thunderbolt
Naval vessel(s) LVTP

Elco 80

Guam Insurgein
Light vehicle(s) Technical 
Main battle tank(s) T-90 or Type 63 
Armored personnel carrier(s) BTR-60 or BTR-90
Fixed-wing aircraft
  • J-20 or MiG-29
  • Q-5 Fantan or Su-25 Frogfoot
Helicopters WZ-11 or AH-6 Little Bird