The Cutter family is a family who has a lengthy military tradition spanning ten generations.


Name planEdit

Of the third generation, Michael James Cutter wrote in his will, that, in the event that the Cutter surname becomes extinct, all future descendants would retain the name of Cutter in their middle name. This precedent did not enter into effect until the tenth generation, when Serena Cutter, the first female of the family by blood, gave birth to Paul Thompson, whose middle name would be Cutter.

Family treeEdit

A green box indicates that the Cutter is related to the family by blood.

Tony Cutter
Harriet Victoria
Sergey Castrov
Sofya Dmitrova
Phillip Miller
Julia Madison
James Cutter
Rachel Laurence
Vladimir Castrov
Alena Andreeva
Evan Miller
Cynthia Carmelo
Michael Cutter
Rebecca Stephenson
Viktor Castrov
Natasha Lavrentiy
Zachery Miller
Celine Benson
Sean Cutter
Natalya Castrov
William Miller
Madeline Vickers
Victor Cutter
Jennifer Miller
Stormy Davids
Ivan Miller
Winston Cutter
Katelynn Candace
Jeana Davids
Mac Knight
Darwin Cutter
Angelica Wallace
Johnathon Knight
Clarissa Wilson
Joey Cutter
Melinda Anderson
Christopher Knight
Lauren Moore
Eric Thompson
Serena Cutter
Quentin Knight
Vanessa Baylor
Paul Thompson