The Coalition-UA War is depicted in 2011 against the Uncharted Arms Force and Coalitoin Forces (Ghost Recon Force, Task Force 141, USMC etc, Delta Squad, Navy SEALS and the Battlefield Veterans). A war between Battlefield-Call of Duty-Ghost Recon-Rainbow Six-Real Life Armies against Combat Arms and Uncharted and SOCOM and MAG.


The Veterans were founded in 2002, and was loosely based in Europe around Sweden and other places until expanding into Asia into 20014, later a major breakthrough was made though, the Vets received support form the U.S and expanded into the Middle East agains the MEC but it was later revealed a secret intelligence operation, while going large they then have an alltime low after losing in the "07 War" where they were almost decimated by the C.O.D teams but another major breakthrough was found in 2011, where the C.O.D team had an alliance with the Vets and the Ghost Recon Team and the Rainbows, and thus the G-Coalition was born.

The History of the UA have been scattered over the years based in South Korea in 2006-7, as of 2011 the personnel available for the UA is 5.5million with UA contributing to 180,000 people.

Now the Zipper Team have been almost toally wiped out based in 2010, but however once the best during 2002-2004 they were later gained a small boost during the S.V.E.R-Valor-Raven War with a total personnel of aorund 400,000. the Team 2 however has around 20,000

Team StrategiesEdit

The Coalition are all about the teamwork and fast pace shooting, The Veterans use there ingenious skills during any sitiuations to ovecome a threat, while the C.O.D uses fast reflexes and are mainly snipers or frontline men, Ghost Recon Team and Rainbow team are all about the tactics.

The UA's tactic are however climbing, trash-talking, fear inducing and technology, the technology used is mainly enhanced veriosn of modern day weapons but however, the thing lacked in the UA is morale, teamwork is little. they sometimes get the upper hand by just usuing their techonology, in the Uncharted side they use there "status" as a way to overcome their enemies E.G

Real Life:

LEVEL 75 kicks butt out of Level 8 100 percent out of the time.

Course of WarEdit

Operation Metro.