Following the decimation of the Uncharted Arms, the President: Haxer Drake have agreed to surrender, however even though the men are tired and many casualties, a new threat has loomed; The AC Blade team who are stealth arseholes who stole technology from THIRD ECHELON and use idiotic blades called "hidden blades" supposedly hide in the dark.

UA are sending 20,000 men as a sign of friend ship, Veterans are sending in 4 Million, C.O.D are sending in 12 Million with Rainbow and Ghost Recon returning respectively with 300,000 Elite Ops soldiers and this time THIRD ECHELON has decided to provide Intelligence with around 2,000 Agents operating right now, And this time the SAS, Navy SEALS and SASR are contributing too and Tier One has also Joined the fight. preparing for what would be the largest fight in the history of the Veterans. However some Assassin's have defected too.

Overall here are the statistics.


Veterans - 4 Million Troops

C.O.D - 12 Million

UA - 20,000

THIRD ECHELON - 3,000 Sleepers, Agents and Insiders

Special Forces - 120,000

U.S Army - 10,000

Defected Assassin's - 4,000

Templar Agents - 100


Blade Squadron - 25 Million