Battlefield 5: Dima is an extended DLC to Battlefield 5 focused on Dima Mayakovsky. It is available on Xbox One, PS4, Wii U, Wii, IOS, PS3 and Xbox 360. This is a non-multiplayer DLC, but is a single player DLC. It was released January 2016, and uses Frostbite 4.


When the cable car crashes in the Kunlun Mountains, Irish, Recker and Hannah survived, with the thought that Dima was presumed dead as he was the one that crashed nearest to the ground. As Recker, Irish and Hannah got out, Dima was left inside for around an hour, before being found by prison guards and taken to a seperate prison two miles away from the one they had just escaped from. He is taken to solitary confinement where he has just an hour to wait before being executed. During that time, he sits in the corner of his room and thinks about whether to escape or let himself die. Guards stay outside of his cell, Dima choosing to escape when the time was right. In his thoughts, he goes back through all the missions he completed. In this DLC, there are 22 missions to complete, including the Kunlun Mountains mission, this time from Dima's perspective. After completing all missions, you have the decision to either escape from the prison or stay and face the consequences. If you stay, you will be shortly taken away and killed on an electric chair. If you escape, you will go up to the guards, escape from your cuffs, take the guards's gun and kill him. You will then kill the other guards and break the door open. You will walk silently through hallways, and then y
BF4 Dima xbox

Xbox One cover of Battlefield 4: Dima.

ou will climb up an air vent. You will win in a full on firefight before heading to an inventory with parachutes. You will tempt the guards to the top, killing them and jumping off the mountain. The game will end.