Bf4 xbox one cover

The Xbox One cover of Fight For Justice

Battlefield 4: Fight For Justice is a direct DLC sequel to Battlefield 4, released on a seperate disc. It was released on November 14th 2015 for PS4, Xbox One, Wii U, IOS, Xbox 360, PS3, and Wii. All decisions in the end to Battlefield 4 will not exist in the sequel. The Engine used to make this DLC Extra is Frostbite 5.

Campaign PlotEdit

Ps4 cover bf4. 2

The PS4 cover of Fight For Justice

After the ending to Battlefield 4, Tombstone is disbanded when all war breaks out around the world, triggering World War III. Pac, Recker, Irish and Hannah are transferred to the Maverick Task Force, a large group of hand picked warriors created by Garrison and Field Marshall Bill Maverick. The Task Force's mission is to assist in ending World War III, while defending their countries.


1. Paris

2. Berlin

3. Washington

4. Dubai

5. Pacific Ocean

6. Atlantic Ocean

7. New York

8. Rio De Janiero

9. Hong Kong Sea

Fate of Campaign: World War III ended after 5 months of all out war.

Fates of CharactersEdit

Recker- Status: Alive(Left injured in the last mission.)

Irish- Status: Dead(killed in Rio De Janiero.)

Pac-Status: Alive.

Garrison-Status: Dead(killed in Pacific Ocean.)

Bill Maverick-Status: Wounded.

Chancellor Milov-Chancellor of Russia and ally to Maverick Task Force-Status: Dead(Killed in Washington).

Multiplayer DLCEdit


Hurricane Honey

Destroyer Dam

Hong Kong

Hunter Forest

City of Pripyat

New extended players in Current Gen: 35 players each in a Conquest Match, making 70 players all together. In Next Gen you can have up to 100 players, having 50 players each.