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NA October 27, 2024
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Battlefield: Spec Ops III (abbreviated as BF SO3 and referred to as Spec Ops III) is a first-person shooter video game developed by EA Digital Illusions CE and published by Electronic Arts. The game is the third installment of the Spec Ops series.


Prior to the release of the game's name, it was announced that the game would feature more campaign missions than ever before and would give an extensive background to Victor Cutter's ancestry.



  1. Soviet Barbarossa
  2. Battle of Moscow

Gameplay overviewEdit



Battlefield: Spec Ops III focuses on the Cutter family learning about the military ancestry of Victor Cutter on the twenty-fifth anniversary of his death in the year of 2049. Jennifer Cutter had already married Stormy Davids, Cutter's former squadmate, and the two had a daughter, Jeana Davids, who is a Tech Sergeant in the United States Air Force. Jennifer and Victor's son, Winston Cutter, is a Staff Sergeant in the United States Marine Corps. However, throughout the story, sounds of the past are heard and images of the future appear for a short time.

The story reveals Cutter's history through his ancestry and military experience. In the story, it is revealed that Victor was born on December 24, 1989, ten years after the day that the Soviets invaded Afghanistan.

Opening sceneEdit

The campaign in Battlefield: Spec Ops III starts with Jeana and Winston yelling at each other, with Jeana calling Winston a fascist and Winston calling Jeana a communist. Davids then intervenes saying that no one is a fascist or a communist, saying that it is the twenty-fifth anniversary of Cutter's death. Jennifer then recalls that Cutter wrote a book about his military ancestry and that the book might be in the attic. The player can now control Winston as he goes to the attic to find the book. After finding the book, he heads down to the living room and Cutter's former SOS squadmates and friends have arrived. Winston then takes a chip from the book and inserts it into the glass-screen TV.

World War IIEdit

Following a short prologue, Victor recounts the story of his maternal grandfather, Viktor Castrov, a soldier of the Red Army who fought during World War II. The player now assumes the control of Castrov, who is about to participate in the invasion of Poland on September 17, 1939. On their arrival, as they are killing civilians, Castrov tells about the brutality as Jews were thrown out of buildings and either being beaten to death or shot. Shortly, Castrov is ordered to advance with other soldiers and wipe out Polish resistance. After destroying the resistance, Castrov is then ordered to kill a Pułkownik (Colonel).

The war then flashes forward to December 1941, as the Nazis are carrying out Operation Barbarossa, the invasion of the Soviet Union, in Moscow, where Castrov is ordered to carry out a counter-attack against the Axis.

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Multiplayer Levels of Battlefield 1942 Battlefield 1942 Pacific: Wake Island (USMC vs IJA)• Battle of Midway (USN vs IJN)• Guadalcanal (USMC vs IJN)• Iwo Jima (USN vs IJN)• Coral Sea (USN vs IJN) • Invasion of the Philippines (USMC vs IJA) Western Europe: Battle of Britain (Patch) • Omaha Beach • Liberation of Caen (Patch) • Bocage • Operation Market Garden • Battle of the Bulge Eagle's Nest Eastern Europe: Kharkov • Kursk • Stalingrad • Berlin North Africa: Operation Battleaxe • El Alamein • Gazala • Operation Aberdeen (Patch) • Tobruk


  • Assault - Primary role is to engage in combat with enemies at medium range.
  • Medic - Primary role is to revive and heal teammates
  • Engineer - Primary role is to repair or destroy vehicles
  • Support - Primary role is to provide suppressive fire against enemies and resupply teammates
  • Sniper - Primary role is to engage targets at long distances.


Template:BF SO3 Weapons


Vehicles of WW2 Heavy tanks M10 · Tiger · T-34-76 · Sturmgeschütz (RtR) · T95 (SWoWWII) · Sturmtiger (SWoWWII) Medium tanks Sherman (T34 Calliope, SWoWWII) · T-34-85 · Panzer IV · Chi-ha · CA M11/39 (RtR) · M3 Grant (RtR) · Flakpanzer IV (SWoWWII) · M8 Greyhound (SWoWWII) Light vehicles Lynx scout car · Kettenkrad · Kubelwagen · Type 95 Kurogane · Willys MB · XA42 (SWoWWII) · Schwimmwagen (SWoWWII) Halftracks and APCs Hanomag · Ho Ha · M3A1 · LVTP (SWoWWII) · M4A1 MMC (SWoWWII) · Munitions Panzer (SWoWWII) Self-propelled artillery Katyusha · Priest · Sexton · Wespe · M3 GMC (RtR) · Krupp Protze (SWoWWII) Fixed-wing fighters Bf 109 (Luftwaffe · Nazi Germany) · Curtiss P-40 Warhawk (USMC USN) · P-51 Mustang (USA Canadian Army)· Spitfire (Royal Air Force)· MIG-1 (Soviet Union Red Army) · Zero (IJN IJA)· C-47 Skytrain (USA USN Royal Air Force) Dive-bombers Aichival / AichiVal-T · Il-2 Sturmovik · Ju-87 Stuka · SBD / SBD-T Medium bombers BF110 (RtR) · Mosquito (RtR) Heavy bombers B-17 Flying Fortress · Ju-88A Jet aircraft AW-52 (SWoWWII) · F-85 Goblin (SWoWWII) · HO-229 (SWoWWII) · Natter rocket plane (SWoWWII) Emplacements 40mm Bofors · Browning · Flak 38 · MG42 · PAK 40 · Defgun · QF 25 pdr (RtR) · Wasserfall (SWoWWII) · Felixstowe RadarTower Aircraft carriers Enterprise · Shokaku Battleships Prince of Wales · Yamato Destroyers Hatsuzuki · Fletcher Submarines Gato · U-boat type VIIC Small boats Daihatsu · Elco 80 · Lvcp · Raft · Type 38 · Commando Raft (SWoWWII) Helicopter Flettner (SWoWWII)

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Battlefield: Spec Ops III (Full Soundtrack) (Digital Release) (07:43)
No. TitleWriter(s) Length
1. "Public Service Announcement (Interlude)"  Jay-Z 2:45
2. "Africa"  David Paich & Jeff Porcaro 4:58



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