Baker Platoon


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Baker Platoon is a classified group of the best of the worst the Allies have to offer. They are the expandables and go in before the Pathfinders, Rangers, and even the Harlem Hellfighters. Requirments to be a member of this platoon include the following:
  • Commiting of a crime that harmed no one while in service
  • Above the age of 17
  • Suicidal Tendencies
  • Eating of paint chips as a child
  • A citizen of an Allied nation
  • Enjoyment of pain
  • Hatred of Jerry and Tojo
  • And much much more!



  1. 1st Liutenant Johnny Richardson
  2. 2nd Liutenant Richard Smith
  3. Liutenant Thomas MacDouglas (UK)
  4. Captain Danny Richards
  5. Junior Liutenant Dimitri Kozlov (RU)
  6. Ensign Tyson Boone
  7. Capatin Chris Longs

Combat MechanicsEdit

  1. Specalist Billy Rivera
  2. Lance Corporal Harris Davidson (UK)
  3. Private First Class Andy Johnson
  4. Corporal John Young (UK)
  5. Technician 5th Grade Eric Cobb
  6. Technican 3rd Grade Bob Underlands
  7. Seargent Jimmy Rocks
  8. Private First Class Dan Blackburn
  9. Staff Sergeant James McLivings
  10. Corporal Oscar Gunner
  11. Sergeant Lance Davis


  1. Private First Class Douglas Masters
  2. Lance Corporal Henry Sanderson (UK)
  3. PFC Billy Johnson
  4. Master Sergeant Jonsey Roads
  5. Technician 4th Grade Logan Parker
  6. Seargent Peter Pyle
  7. Staf Sergeant Steve Roberts
  8. Technical Sergeant Fred Hickins
  9. PFC Bob Drake
  10. PFC Bruce Garrick
  11. Corporal Max Wayne
  12. Corporal Eric Todd
  13. Lance Corporal Harold Stones (UK)
  14. PFC Todd Grayson
  15. PFC Timmy Wayne
  16. Sergeant Oscar Hounds
  17. Technical Sergeant Andre Carter
  18. Sergeant Shane O'Reily
  19. PFC Kevin Jones
  20. PFC Alexander Fisher

Armor OperatorsEdit

  1. Sergeant Logan Jackson
  2. Lance Corporal Henry Gunner
  3. Corporal Jimmy McSmith
  4. Corporal Kevin Carver
  5. PFC Bart Harrison
  6. Technical Sergeant Patrick Queens
  7. Corporal Smitty Andrews
  8. PFC Travis Games
  9. Technician 5th Class Doug Rivers
  10. PFC Larry Smith
  11. Staff Sergeant Ed Fairchild
  12. Lance Corporal Travis Wilson
  13. Corporal John Wallace (UK)
  14. PFC Richard Yankings
  15. PFC Ricky Hanes


  1. Lance Corporal Kevin Cluster
  2. PFC Danny Norris
  3. Seamen Chuck Biggins
  4. Corporal Eddy Davis
  5. Staff Sergeant Cody James
  6. Technician 3rd Class Jay Gaston
  7. Lance Corporal Robby Douglas
  8. Seamen Al Wilks
  9. Specalist Pat Walker
  10. Specalist Quinton Eastings

Armoured ReconEdit

  1. Technical Sergeant Nate Montana
  2. Technican 5th Class Edd Rivera
  3. PFC Max Parden
  4. Specalist Tony Black