Andrew Reese
File:BC2V US LMG.jpg
Reese on a combat mission


Andrew Reese is a member of John Allen's squad. He is also the best freind of Logan Smith and the Automatic Riflemen of the squad.


Born in Oklohoma and the youngest of three siblings his family took good care of the land there ancestor won in the land grab. The area around the land became a mostly whit neighbor hood. They were the only black family there an some of the other residents either accepted them, ignored them, or showed complete racism to them. They went to an un-segregated school where they we're treated well for the most part. After graduating their big brother became a firefighter, his sister went to medical school, and his other brother worked at a barber shop to make money for college. Andrew decided to join the Army because of the GI Bill that would allow him into a college. He's had 2 tours in Vietnam.